For ENT Patients of Dr. Janrus Abello

from Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu City

  • Doctor Janrus Abello will now be seeing ENT patients at Mactan Doctors Hospital, 2nd floor, Room 204B of the New Medical Arts building in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City. Call 09225942404 for booking of appointment.

  • He is available for Consultation on a confirmed” appointment basis only at iHearBetterNow ENT Center in Mactan and UC Medical Center Medical Arts (UCMED) in Mandaue city.

  • You may book your schedule by clicking the button below, then choose your preferred date and time and don't forget to place your correct details.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How often do I need my ears cleaned through ear suctioning?

What can I do to clean my ears by myself?

Is it advisable to use cotton buds or cue tips in cleaning ears?

Do you recommend ear spoon/scoop in cleaning the ears?

What HMO / Insurance companies do you accept?

For now that we are on Enhanced Community Quarantine, I will only accept Cash payments. You may apply for Cash reimbursement from your company or HMO (if applicable).



There are a lot of accredited ENT doctors for most HMO / Insurance companies. For myself, I only accept Intellicare, PhilCare and Lacson and Lacson at the clinic. For hospital admissions, I also accept Generali and AsianLife aside from the 3 companies mentioned above. Hope that helps.

How much do you charge for every patient seen in your clinic?

If we have questions or concerns about a patient, can we ask a question directly to you?

My kid has ear discharge for several days already, is this treatable?

I have a sudden onset hearing loss, do I need to seek consultation immediately or can I do it after a few days and observe first?

Do you offer discount for senior citizens?

Yes, of course! As a law-abiding citizen myself, I do offer the required discount of 20% to our most respected group of people, the seniors.


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